SI 2014-023 - Assignment of Functions (Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs)

Statutory Instrument 23 of 2014.



Assignment of Functions (Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs) Notice, 2014

IT is hereby notified that His Excellency the President, in terms of section 104(1) of the Constitution, as read with section 37(2) of the Interpretation Act [Chapter 1:01], has assigned to the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs—

(a) the administration of the Acts set out in the Schedule; and

(b) the functions conferred or imposed on the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, save to the extent that those functions have not been assigned to some other Minister.

The Assignment of Functions (Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs) Notice, 2010, published in Statutory Instrument 65 of 2010, is repealed.




Administration of Estates Act [Chapter 6:01]



Administrative Court Act [Chapter 7:01]



Amnesty Act [Chapter 9:02]



Amnesty (General Pardon) Act [Chapter 9:03]



Antenuptial Contracts Act [Chapter 5:01]



Arbitration Act [Chapter 7:15] (Act No. 6 of 1996)



Arbitration (International Investment Disputes) Act [Chapter 7:03]



Armorial Bearing, Names, Uniforms and Badges Act [Chapter 10:01]



Chartered Secretaries (Private) Act [Chapter 27:03]



Child Abduction Act [Chapter 5:05]



Civil Evidence Act [Chapter 8:01]



Civil Matters (Mutual Assistance) Act [Chapter 8:02]



Class Actions Act [Chapter 8:17] (Act No. 10 of 1999)



Companies Act [Chapter 24:03]



Companies and Associations Trustees Act [Chapter 24:04]



Constitution of Zimbabwe [1]



Contractual Penalties Act [Chapter 8:04]



Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act [Chapter 26:05] (Act No. 11 of 2000)



Courts and Adjudicating Authorities (Publicity Restrictions) Act [Chapter 7:04]



Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 26:05] (Act No. 11 of 200)



Criminal Matters (Mutual Assistance) Act [Chapter 9:06]



Criminal Proceedings (Validation) (Act No. 20 of 1989)



Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07]



Customary Law and Local Courts Act [Chapter 7:05]



Customary Law (Application) Act [Chapter 8:05]



Customary Marriages Act [Chapter 5:07]



Damages (Apportionment and Assessment) Act [Chapter 8:06]



Deceased Estates Succession Act [Chapter 6:02]



Deceased Persons Maintenance Act [Chapter 6:03]



Deeds Registries Act [Chapter 20:05]



Domestic Violence Act [Chapter 5:16] (Act No.. 14 of 2006)



Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13]



Estate Administrators Act [Chapter 27:20] (Act No. 16 of 1998)



Estate Agents Act [Chapter 27:17] (Act No. 6 of 1999)



Flag of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 10:10]



General Law Amendment [Act [Chapter 8:07]



Genocide Act (Act No. 9 of 2000)



Geographical Indication Act [Chapter 26:06] (Act No. 24 of 2001)



Guardianship of Minors Act [Chapter 5:08]



High Court Act [Chapter 7:06]



Industrial Designs At [Chapter 26:02]



Inebriates Act [Chapter 9:11]



Inquests Act [Chapter 7:07]



Insolvency Act [Chapter 6:04]



Integrated Circuit Layout Designs Act[Chapter 26:07] (Act No. 18 of 2001)



Intellectual Property Tribunal Act [Chapter 26:08] (Act No. 5 of 2001)



Interpretation Act [Chapter 1:01]



Judges Salaries, Allowances and Pensions Act [Chapter 7:07]



Judicial College Act [Chapter 7:17] (Act No. 18 of 1998)



Judicial Service Act [Chapter 7:18] (Act No. 10 of 2006)



Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] (Part IX)



Law Development Commission Act [Chapter 1:02]



Legal Aid Act [Chapter 7:16] (Act No. 18 of 1996)



Legal Assistance and Representation Act [Chapter 9:13]



Legal Practitioners Act [Chapter 27:07]



Magistrates Court Act [Chapter 7:10]



Maintenance Act [Chapter 5:09]



Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement ) Act [Chapter 5:10]



Marriage Act [Chapter 5:11]



Married Persons Property Act [Chapter 5:12]



Matrimonial Causes Act [Chapter 5:13]



Missing Persons Act [Chapter 10:15]



National Anthem of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 10:18]



Ombudsman Act [Chapter 10:18]



Patents Act [Chapter 26:03]



Political Parties (Finance) Act [Chapter 2:04]



Powers of Attorney Act [Chapter 8:09]



Prescribed Rate of Interest Act [Chapter 8:10]



Prescription Act [Chapter 8:11]



Prevention of Discrimination Act [Chapter 8:16] (Act No. 19 of 1998)



Prisons Act [Chapter 7:11]



Private Bill Procedure Act [Chapter 2:07]



Private Business Corporation Act [Chapter 24:11]



Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Parliament Act [Chapter  2:08]



Public Accountants and Auditors Act [Chapter 27:12]



Public Bodies Private Bill Procedure Act [Chapter 2:09]



Public Premises (Prevention of Racial Discrimination) Act [Chapter 8:12]



Reconstruction of State Indebted Insolvent Companies Act [Chapter 24:27] (Act No. 27 of 2004)



Referendums Act [Chapter 2:10] (Act No. 24 of 1999)



Reserved Parking Areas Act [Chapter 10:23]



Serious Offences (Confiscation of Profits) Act [Chapter 9:17][2]



Service of Documents (Telegraph) Act [ Chapter 8:13]



Settled Estates Leasing Act [Chapter 20:19]



Signatures and Powers Delegation Act [Chapter 10:24]



Small Claims Courts Act [Chapter 7:12]



State Liabilities Act [Chapter 8:14]



Statute Law Compilation and Revision Act [Chapter 1:03]



Supreme Court Act [Chapter 7:13]



Tacit Hypothec Amendment Act [Chapter 6:05]



Titles Registration and Derelict Lands Act [Chapter 20:20]



Trade Marks Act [Chapter 26:04]



Transfer of Offenders Act [Chapter 7:14]



Variation of Racial Trusts Act [Chapter 8:15]



War Marriages Validation Act [Chapter 5:15]



Wills Act [Chapter 6:06]



Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act [Chapter 2:12] (Act No. 22 of 2004)



Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission[3]




This statutory instrument was published as a supplement to the
Zimbabwean Government Gazette dated 7th February 2014.




[1]               Note by Veritas.  Section 93(1) of the Constitution has been assigned to the Minister of Home Affairs.  See SI 26/2014.

[2]               (sic) Note by Veritas.  This Act was repealed by the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act [Chapter 9:24] (Act 4 of 2013)

[3]               Note by Veritas: (sic) This should be Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Act [Chapter  10:30] (Act 2 of 2012)


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