JSC Nomination Form

In an announcement posted on its website and published in newspaper advertisements the Judicial Service Commission [JSC] has invited members of the public to nominate suitably qualified persons to fill:

- 3 vacancies on the Supreme Court bench

- 3 vacancies on the High Court bench.

This is the first example, since the Constitution came fully into operation on 22nd August last year, of the new procedure for appointing judges being put into practice in accordance with section 180 of the Constitution.  This section obliges the JSC, whenever judicial appointments are necessary, to advertise the vacant positions and to “invite the President and the public to make nominations.”


The deadline for submission of nominations is close of business on Monday 14th April 2014.

The nomination form

The nomination form provided by the JSC should be used.  It is obtainable from the office of the Secretary of the JSC, Old Supreme Court Building, corner Kwame Nkrumah Ave/Third St, Harare or from the office of a Provincial Magistrate in charge of a province.  It is also available on the JSC website www.jsc.org.zw.

Submission of completed nomination forms

Completed nomination forms [one form for each nominee] must be delivered to the JSC at the address given above, OR to the office of a Provincial Magistrate in charge of a province OR by post to the Secretary of the JSC, P.O. Box CY 870, Causeway, Harare.  Each nomination form submitted must have the nominee’s curriculum vitae attached.

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