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Bill Watch 41-2022 - Supplementary Estimates Approved Last Week

BILL WATCH 41/2022

[30th August 2022]

Supplementary Estimates Approved with Amendments on 25th August

Both Houses will Sit Again This Week

This bulletin is an update on what happened in Parliament last week.  Both Houses sat on the afternoons of Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th August, then adjourned until today, Tuesday 30th August.    

Bill Watch 40-2022 - Progress on Supplementary Budget 16 to 18 August 2022

BILL WATCH 40/2022

[29th August 2022]

National Assembly’s Progress on 2022 Supplementary Budget

Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th August 2022

This bulletin aims to bring readers up to date with the events in both Houses of Parliament last week, on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th August.  Both the National Assembly and the Senate then adjourned until Tuesday 23rd August..

Bill Watch 31-2022 - In the National Assembly 12-14 July & Coming up in both Houses This Week

Correction of Date to Bill Watch 29/2022

The fourth line of the heading to Bill Watch 29/2022 wrongly stated that the Senate had adjourned until 12th July instead of the 19th July.  The copies of the bulletin on the Veritas website have been suitably amended.

BILL WATCH 31/2022

[19th July 2022]

In the National Assembly 12th to 14th July


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