Decision Matrix

Cabinet Meeting 2020-07: 17th March

Cabinet received and adopted a report by the Minister of Health and Child Care on the national preparedness and response progress regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.    As at 13 March 2020, more than 9 505 travellers had been screened at the country’s ports of entry and 378 put on surveillance.  The National Microbiology Reference Laboratory had tested 14 suspected cases for COVID-19 and all were negative.  Cabinet was informed that to date there is no confirmed case of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe.

Cabinet Meeting 2020-03: 18th February

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development  and the Zimbabwe Open for Business


Cabinet received an update from the Minister of Mines and Mining Development on the close cooperation with the Zimbabwe Open for Business Forum, an Independent Organisation formed by young Zimbabweans which has played a key role in marketing the Zimbabwe mining industry at its own cost. 


Cabinet Meeting 2020-02: 11th February

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development briefed Cabinet on the action taken to normalize the roller meal supply situation.  He explained that at the First Meeting, Cabinet had noted that the then prevailing price of roller meal provided arbitrage opportunities to some unscrupulous people.  Government had thus moved in to redress the situation using a two-pronged approach.  Firstly, it had been decided that the price be raised to $70 per 10 kg bag of mealie meal from $50.  Secondly, a targetted Coupon Scheme for the Vulnerable is in the offing with the c

Cabinet Meeting 2020-01: 4th February

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde E.D. Mnangagwa led Cabinet in launching the e-Cabinet Solution.  The new paperless platform on which Cabinet will henceforth conduct its weekly meetings comes as one of the flagship e-Government projects to be completed by the Government of the Second Republic.  The occasion of the launch, which preceded the normal Cabinet meeting, marked a very significant step in the adoption of digital methods of running Government operations.  As a nation, we endeavor to enhance service delivery to citizens through electronic means.


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