veritas court case

Founding Affidavit in Chironga & Another v Minister of Justice & 3 Others

I, HILTON CHIRONGA do hereby make oath and state that:-

I am the Applicant herein. I am a Zimbabwean citizen currently residing in Mashonaland Central Province.   The facts I depose hereto are fully within my knowledge and to the best of my belief true and correct. My address for service is care of my undersigned legal practitioners of record.

Applicants Heads of Argument in Chironga & Another v Minister of Justice & 3 Others


The Applicants seek two things.  A declaration to the effect that the Respondents’ actions are unconstitutional in so far as they relate to the failure to enact the law envisaged by Section 210 and secondly a mandamus, with regards to compliance by the Respondents of the law in question. 

Applicants’ right to approach this Honourable Court

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