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Court Orders (1) ZBC and (2) Government to Improve their Dissemination of Information to Deaf and Blind Persons

The downloadable documents contain the High Court orders issued against the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation [ZBC] and three Government Ministers – of Information, Health and Social Welfare – in case HH 2017/2020, heard in Harare on 20th April by Justice Mafusire. 


HH 605-2019 Mlilo v Minister of Finance & Economic Development - Judgment by Zhou J invalidating SI 205/2019 re Intermediated Money Transfer Tax as unconstitutional - 18 September 2019

In this important judgment Justice Zhou decided that both SI 205/2018 [changing the rate and incidence of the Intermediated Money Transfer Tax] and the policy decision it gave effect to [as stated in the Minister's Supplementary Budget Presentation on 1st August 2019] were inconsistent with the Constitution and therefore void of legal effect.  He cited inconsistency with section of the Constitution 134(a) - which bars Parliament from delegating its primary law-making power - and the constitutional principle of Separation of Powers.

GN 2019-1492 - Supreme Court and High Court Calendar 2020

General Notice 1492 of 2019.




Supreme and High Court Calendar 2020


IT is hereby notified that the Chief Justice has, in terms of section 27 of the Supreme Court Act [Chapter 7:13], and section 47 of the High Court Act [Chapter 7:06], directed that the sitting and vacation of the Supreme Court and High Court during the year 2020 shall be as specified in the Schedule.

HMA - 203/18 Annexture A3 - Methodology


Media monitoring of political pluralism aims at observing the media coverage in a scientific manner in order to assess:

  • The access granted to political parties and independent candidates in the mass media and whether the coverage of candidates is fair and balanced;
  • whether candidates standing for election were covered in a unbiased and equitable manner;
  • the tone of media coverage towards the political actors.



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