Public Finance Management Amendment Act, 2016

This important Act was gazetted as Act No. 6 of 2016 on 28th October 2016.  It came into operation the same day.

The Act makes major amendments to the Public Finance Management Act of  2009.  These amendments concern the interaction between responsible Ministries in central Government and its "public entities" (statutory bodies and Government-controlled companies) over which Ministries exercise oversight.  Stricter provision is made for —

Public Finance Management Act Updated as at 31 October 2016

The Public Finance Management Act is an Act  to provide for the control and management of public resources and the protection and recovery thereof; to provide for the appointment, powers and duties of the Accountant-General and of his or her staff; to provide for the national budget; to provide for the preparation of financial statements; to provide for the regulation and control of public entities; and to provide for general treasury matters; to provide for the examination and audit of public accounts; to provide for matters pertaining to financial misconduct of public officials;

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