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Forex Auction System Rules 2020.06.17



Further to the Bank's Press Statement of 8 June 2020 by which the Monetary Policy Committee advised that a formal market-based foreign exchange trading system will be put in place, the Bank wishes to advise the public that the Foreign Exchange Auction Trading System will be operational with effect from 23 June 2020.

ZEC: 2022 By-Elections Roadmap

The document downloadable below is the Zimbabwe 2022 By-Elections Roadmap released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission [ZEC]. 

The by-elections will be held to fill 28 vacant constituency seats in the National Assembly and over 100 vacancies in various local authority councils around the country.

Polling day for by-elections of both classes will be Saturday 26th March 2022

National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025)

Consistent with the collective aspirations and determination of the people of Zimbabwe to achieve an Empowered and Prosperous Upper Middle-Income Society by 2030, the Second Republic launched Vision 2030 to chart a new transformative and inclusive development agenda. It is the pursuit of this vision which will deliver broad based transformation, new wealth creation and expanding horizons of economic opportunities for all Zimbabweans, with no one left behind.

Ministerial Statement on Resumption of Sport - Wednesday 21 October 2020

THE MINISTER OF YOUTH, SPORT, ARTS AND RECREATION (HON. COVENTRY):  Thank you Madam Speaker.  Madam Speaker, the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation is indeed pleased to learn of the anxiety and apprehension that has gripped the nation over the continued sabbatical of some of the sporting disciplines as related by Hon. T. Biti.  This shows that appetite and the deprivation by the Hon.


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