Electoral Court

GN 2022-0417 Appointment of Judges of the High Court to be Judges of the Electoral Court Division of the High Court

IT is hereby notified that the Chief Justice has, in terms of section 162(1) of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13], after consultation with the Judicial Service Commission and the Judge President of the High Court, appointed the Judges of the High Court listed in the Schedule below to be Judges of the Electoral Court Division of the High Court for the period 1st of March, 2022 to 30th of August, 2022.

TIMBA v PASSADE - Mount Pleasant Election Petition - Electoral Court judgment 18 Aug 2014

BHUNU J: The applicant Jameson Timba and the respondent Jason Passade and one Peter Muchadamano were conte~tants for the Mount Pleasant Constituency Parliamentary seat in the recent Harmonised National Assembly Elections held on 31 July 2013. The Mount Pleasant Constituency is made up of 2 wards being wards 7 and 17.

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