Public Committee on the Findings by the Auditor General on 2014 Appropriation Accounts for Min. of Finace & Other Statements Under its Purview - SC 16-2016

The Public Accounts Committee examined the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development accounting and management practices based on the findings of the Auditor General on the Ministry's 2014 Appropriation Account and other Statements under its purview.

ZEC 2013 Harmonised Elections Report

The 31st July 2013 Harmonised Elections were held 5 years and 5 months after the 2008 General Elections. As is common cause, the 2008 General Elections gave rise to a presidential run-off election which was held in June 2008. The results of the June presidential runoff election were disputed and the dispute in turn gave rise to a number of distinct but related developments on the political front, notably:-
- The signing of the Global Political Agreement in September 2008;


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