Parliamentary Committee Report

Report of the Thematic Committee On Peace and Security on the State of The Country’s Borders

1.0       Introduction

In the wake of reports that national borders have become porous and conduits of smuggling which have cost the nation millions of dollars due to inefficiencies and operational deficiencies, the Committee visited two border posts namely Beitbridge and Plumtree to get a more comprehensive understanding of the problems.

2.0       Background

Report of the Public Accounts Committee on the Analysis of the Findings of the Auditor General on the 2013 Appropriation, Fund and State Enterprises and Parastatals Accounts

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) plays a pivotal role in analyzing audited financial statements of government departments (Ministries), State Enterprises and Parastatals, and Local Authorities. The PAC, with the assistance of Clive and Associates, a registered accounting firm, analyzed the Auditor General's (AG) reports for the year ended 31 December 2013 covering government departments that is, 33 Appropriation Accounts, 89 State Enterprises and Parastatals Accounts and 40 Fund Accounts.

Public Committee on the Findings by the Auditor General on 2014 Appropriation Accounts for Min. of Finace & Other Statements Under its Purview - SC 16-2016

The Public Accounts Committee examined the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development accounting and management practices based on the findings of the Auditor General on the Ministry's 2014 Appropriation Account and other Statements under its purview.

Portfolio Committee on Public Service on the Working Conditions at Hwange Colliery Company Ltd, NRZ and Dete Refractories - SC 8-2016

In line with Parliament's role of upholding the Constitution, the Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare conducted an inquiry into working conditions at  Hwange Colliery Company Limited, National Railways ofZimbabwe and Dete Refractories. Section 65 of the Constitution provides for labour rights, which encompasses the right to fair
and satisfactory conditions of work. The inquiry was propelled by outcries of employees from various organizations seeking the Committee's intervention over unfair labour practices

Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technological Development's Report on Biotechnology (SC 1, 2016)

Biotechnology refers to any technological process which uses living organisms, or derivatives thereof to make or modify new products or improve existing ones. Biotechnology techniques that are applied include tissue culture, vaccine production, genetic modification and fermentation. Biotechnology involves industrial biotechnology, medical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and environmental biotechnology. Indeed biotechnology has found a lot of application and use in majority of sectors of our economy.

Parliamentary Legal Committee's Adverse Report on SI 24-2016 - Insurance Amendment Regulations

In pursuit of its Constitutional mandate as provided for in Section 152 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the Parliamentary Legal Committee on the 17th of March 2016 at 11:00hrs met to consider Statutory Instruments gazetted during the month of February 2016 among them Statutory Instrument 24 of 2016, titled Insurance (Amendment) Regulations. After deliberations, it unanimously resolved that an adverse report be issued in respect of the Statutory Instrument, due to the following considerations:

PLC Adverse Report - National Peace and Reconciliation Bill

In pursuit of its Constitutional mandate as provided for in Section 152 of the Constitution, the Parliamentary Legal Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) on the 24th of February 2016 at 1045hrs met to consider the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill [H.B. 13, 2015]. After deliberations, it unanimously resolved that an adverse report be issued in respect of the Bill, gazetted in the month of January 2015, due to the following considerations:—

SC 2012-04 Portfolio Committee Report on Mines and Energy on Diamond Mining (With Special Reference to Marange Diamond Fields) 2009 - 2013



(with special reference to Marange Diamond Fields) 2009 - 2013

Presented to Parliament June 2013




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