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Veritas Proposed Amendments to Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission Bill

Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission Bill, 2020 (H.B. 5, 2020)
BY …:
In line 13 on page 2 of the Bill, to delete “to provide for” and to substitute “must provide”.
CLAUSE 1 (Short title)
BY …:
Between lines 24 and 25 on page 2 of the Bill, to insert the following subclause in clause 1, the existing clause becoming subclause (1):
“(2) This Act shall come into operation on a date to be fixed by the President by notice in the Gazette.”.

Veritas - Explanation of its Proposed Amendments to ZICC Bill

The amendment to the preamble will correct an error in the quote from section 210 of the Constitution.
Clause 1 (Short title)
The Bill needs a delayed date of commencement, to give time for members of the Commission to be appointed and for the Commission to appoint staff, get premises and generally get ready to start operations. Once they are ready to start, the Bill (now an Act) can be brought into operation.
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